One interface - countless
possibilities for video

Streamdiver API

More and more applications rely on video streaming - but the development of an appropriate solution often lacks internal resources. Streamdiver can take care of this task for you.

Enjoy a wide range of features

Direct uploads

Upload videos easily and without hassle

Live & on-demand

Benefit from all streaming possibilities

Pull-based inputs

Submit your media content from online sources

All common video formats

Don't worry about compatibility


Rely on a secure server network

RTMP input

Utilize live streaming via RTMP protocol


Structure your videos with total flexibility


Evaluate the usage data of videos easily

User access settings

Manage your users and access permissions

Don't believe anything you haven't personally experienced. Take a peek at our detailed documentation:

Video is coming...

...With the Streamdiver API. It enables developers to integrate their own live and on-demand videos into their own software without any effort. Whether it's for one user or a million. Streamdiver provides a powerful foundation that you can simply copy and paste into your own code.

POST /video - GET /professional

Streaming via API is just a matter of three simple steps:

1. Receive access 2. Choose command 3. Rule Video
Ö-Cloud Streamdiver API is the completely secure solution for companies and organizations. All services are developed sustainably and operated in Austria. The 100% GDPR compliant Streamdiver Cloud guarantees full legal compliance to this end. Now with the Ö-Cloud Quality Seal.

Hello world of video

The Streamdiver API is the end-to-end solution for video: streaming, encoding, storage, management, playout and much more. In addition, Streamdiver offers you individual consultation and an extensive know-how of multimedia content.

The simple solution for every use case

Here are the possible applications of the Streamdiver API:

Employee apps

Communicate with employees via video more effectively than ever before.


Provide all your channels with video from a single source.


Streamline training and learning processes with the use of video.


Invigorate your intranet through the targeted utilization of video.

Modern events

Add some extra value to your event interface with video.

Other software

Get any software up and running by simply using video.

Streamdiver is a web-based solution that is powered by the privacy-compliant Streamdiver Cloud.
It operates anytime, anywhere, easily and reliably, without requiring any installation or custom hardware.

One interface to rule Digital Video

Video player
Media library
OTT plattform

One interface is all you need

With the Streamdiver API, developers can independently, easily and quickly add video content to their software - without having to learn all that much about streaming. Streamdiver delivers the case already built. You just have to place it wherever you want it to be.

GET /moving

Strengths of the Streamdiver API

With the Streamdiver API you get the carefree package for your software. Looks easy? It really is. Powerful streaming, GDPR compliance, full control and a myriad of features - when it comes to digital video, Streamdiver has no limits. The rest is all up to you.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Contact us and get started right away with the Streamdiver API.

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