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Streamdiver Communal Video

Digitization is becoming vital in the public sector. Digital communication with citizens and members is becoming the standard, thanks to the rise of smartphones. Content can be delivered and consumed more effectively than ever before. Video and transcription are the final pieces of the puzzle in the digitization of communities and municipalities.

On average, adults consume:

6 hours video/day

15 minutes reading/day

Video is the new reading.

Today, municipalities face major challenges:


The attractiveness of the municipality and the voter turnout must be ensured and/or increased


Transparency and recognition for community work are lacking and thus also the motivation for active participation


The communicated content is not accurately relayed through external reporting

Digitization can be simple

With Streamdiver Communal Video. Municipalities and cities can now deliver moving image content easily and targeted. Digital video thus becomes the central information and communication medium at the state of the art.

The carefree package for everybody

The following applications are possible with Streamdiver Communal Video:

Community Video

Manage/publish videos on the municipality website and other channels

Community Channel

Real-time broadcast of current topics with central media library for review

Session Broadcast

Live broadcasting, archiving, content structuring and provision of meetings


Automatic transcription of video content supported by artificial intelligence

Hidden Champions

Introducing the secret heroes of everyday public life via video

The Direct Line

Direct communication channel between municipal representatives and citizens


Advantages of Streamdiver Communal Video

With complete autonomy and control in the use of digital video, municipalities finally have the opportunity to communicate information to their citizens in a simple, authentic, transparent and unaltered way. Whether it's important news or bringing employees and issues to the forefront. With the medium of video, all target groups are equally addressed and reached. The municipality itself becomes the center of communication. Streamdiver creates your stage.

Protocol made easy

Streamdiver Communal Video is breaking new ground in revolutionizing community outreach by making video content accessible. With the help of AI-assisted automatic transcription, even the longest meetings can be transcribed rapidly. A unique feature is the recognition of different dialects. Streamdiver Communal Video never loses its regional connection.

Protokoll Digitalisierung

City of Klagenfurt

Since 2016, municipal council meetings and events of the provincial capital of Carinthia have been carried out with the help of Streamdiver. With Streamdiver kommunal, a portal for citizen service, employee information and training is now available

Streamdiver Communal Video is employed successfully in these municipalities, among others:

Streamdiver Communal Video is a web-based solution that is operated in the privacy-compliant Streamdiver Cloud. It can be used anytime, anywhere, easily and securely, without installation or special hardware requirements.

Streamdiver Communal Video
  • Live broadcast 12h/day
  • Video playout (On-Demand)
  • Unlimited public views
from 189 / Month

plus € 300 one-time setup

Additional offer

Not only does our service include professional video services, but also competent consulting and individual additional services. If required, we can assist with integration into the municipality's processes, develop templates and processes, or provide comprehensive descriptions. In addition, our clients can rely on our expertise in producing videos for events, celebrations, funerals or other occasions.

Digitize Your Municipality

Regionality - this is also important for autonomy and security in digitization. Streamdiver is a purely European solution, sustainably developed and operated in Austria. The 100% DSGVO compliant Streamdiver Cloud guarantees full legal compliance.

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