Data Protection Policy


The processing of personal data is subject to strict legal requirements within the European Union. We, Streamdiver GmbH, take our responsibility as a data processor very seriously and strive not only to ensure the protection of your data, but also to provide you as transparently as possible with all relevant information about why and how we collect, process and store such data. Therefore, please take the time to read this information carefully and contact us directly if you have any questions about it.

Processing of personal data

Personal data (hereinafter also referred to as "data") is any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (for example: name, contact details, billing details, IP address).

Pursuant to Art 4(1) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter only referred to as "GDPR"), "processing" means any operation or set of operations which is performed upon personal data, whether or not by automatic means, such as collection, collection, organization, arrangement, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Data Privacy Policy

With the following privacy policy, we inform you in particular about the nature, scope, purpose, duration and legal basis of the processing of personal data, insofar as we decide either alone or jointly with others on the purposes and means of processing.

Information about our data processing

We process your data in different ways, depending on whether you

  • visit our website,
  • use our streaming platform,
  • are interested in our products and services, or
  • are a customer or representative or employee of our customers, suppliers or business partners; or
  • are an applicant for employment with our company.

If we provide a contact option via an input mask on our website, streaming platform or support portal, the information entered is transmitted in encrypted form via the https protocol. Please note that the confidentiality of other communication on the Internet, especially via e-mail, is not guaranteed, we therefore recommend not to transmit confidential data and information by mail.

Website visitors, platform users, newsletter subscribers and interested parties

We process your personal data in principle either

  • to protect our legitimate interests (Art 6 para 1 lit f GDPR), namely to ensure the operation, security and optimization of our website and our streaming platform, or
  • to send our newsletter to individuals if you have registered for it (Art 6 para 1 lit a GDPR), or
  • to process your inquiries that you submit to us via the contact form on our website, via our streaming platform or our support portal, by e-mail or by telephone (Art 6 para 1 lit a GDPR).

You give us your consent (Art 6 para 1 lit a GDPR) by registering for the newsletter or by sending or submitting the request to us.

For technical reasons, certain data and information must be collected and stored when you visit our website, e.g. the pages used, time and duration of the visit and data provided by the browser used (e.g. on the operating system and the system settings used). We use this data and information anonymously in order to make our offer as user-friendly as possible and to be able to optimize it technically. The web server is located in Austria. The data is not used to personally identify the visitor to this website.


To a very limited extent, our website uses so-called "cookies". Cookies are small text files or codes that contain information units. These text files are stored on your hard drive or in the memory of your browser when you visit one of our websites. Cookies make it easier to build content on our websites and to recognize those devices through which our websites have been visited before. We use cookies to gain a better understanding of how applications and websites work and to analyze and optimize the user experience when using our websites online and mobile. Cookies are used to recognize and store temporary data of the website visitor.

We do not use advertising cookies and the information generated by cookies about the use of our websites is generally not shared with third parties.

Cookie Categories

We primarily use cookies from the following categories on our websites:

Operational cookies

These cookies are necessary so that you can use our websites as intended and all functions are available to you. Without these cookies, the requested services cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect information about you and do not store internet locations. Essential cookies cannot be disabled through our site. However, they can be disabled at any time through the browser you are using.

Functional Cookies

These cookies are necessary for certain applications or functions of the website to run properly. These may be, for example, cookies that store settings made, such as a visitor's language preference, or - subject to your prior consent - pre-filled forms.

Storage duration: In the case of a session cookie, for the duration of the session or, in the case of your prior consent, for the duration of your consent.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies collect information about the usage behavior of visitors to our websites. For example, they record which websites are visited most frequently and which links are clicked. All collected data is stored anonymously together with the information of other visitors. With the help of the data obtained through these cookies, we can use Matomo to create analytical evaluations of our website and thereby continuously improve the user experience.

Storage period: in the case of a session cookie for the duration of the session, in all other cases (for example, for our web analytics service Matomo a maximum of three years.

How long do cookies remain stored on my terminal device?

The length of time a cookie remains on your end device depends on whether it is a persistent cookie or a session cookie. Session cookies remain on your end device only until your browser session ends. Persistent cookies remain stored on your terminal device, even after you have ended a browser session, until the preset retention period of the cookie has expired or it is deleted.
You can prevent the use of cookies by setting your browser software accordingly. However, it is possible that in this case not all functions of our websites can be used to their full extent.


These cookies collect information about the usage behavior of visitors to our websites. For example, they record which websites are visited most frequently and which links are clicked. All collected data is stored anonymously together with the information of other visitors. With the help Our website, our streaming platform and our digital dialog with our customers (e.g. newsletter) use Matomo, a web analytics service operated by ourselves. Matomo uses cookies that allow us to analyze the use of our website.

For this purpose, the usage information generated by the cookie (including your shortened IP address) is transmitted to our server and stored for usage analysis purposes, which serves to optimize the website on our part. Your IP address is immediately anonymized during this process, so that you remain anonymous to us.

If you do not agree to the storage and analysis of data in connection with your visit and use of our website or our streaming platform, then you can object to the storage and use at any time (see also terms of use for the streaming platform). In this case, a so-called opt-out cookie will be placed in your browser, with the result that Matomo will not collect any session data.

If you provide personal data or information on our websites, we may use it within the scope of the legal requirements of the TKG without your further consent. Excluded from this is a use for advertising or marketing purposes or a transfer to third parties, which requires your prior separate consent.

Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to other third-party websites. The data processing practices of such third-party websites are subject to the privacy statements of the respective website. We recommend that you study the privacy statements of these websites to obtain an overview of the data processing practices of the respective third-party provider. We are generally not responsible for content offered on these external sites, both in terms of data protection and the technical security of the data and information provided. In this context, please note that external providers may use technologies to personalize advertising.

(Representative/employee of) customers

We process your personal data in principle either

  • to carry out pre-contractual measures or to fulfill our contractual obligations (Art 6 para 1 lit b of the GDPR) within the scope of the mandate relationship,
  • based on your express consent (Art 6 para 1 lit a GDPR), or
  • for the fulfillment of our legal obligations (Art 6 para 1 lit c GDPR).

The processing of your data serves the execution and handling of our contractual relationships or the provision of our services. If the data required for this purpose is not provided to us, we cannot enter into a business relationship.

(Representatives/employees of) suppliers and business partners

We process your personal data in principle either

  • to carry out pre-contractual measures or to fulfill our contractual obligations (Art 6 para 1 lit b of the GDPR); or
  • for the fulfillment of our legal obligations (Art 6 para 1 lit c GDPR)

The processing of your data serves primarily the initiation, maintenance and execution of our contracts for goods and services. If the data required for this purpose is not provided to us, we cannot enter into a contractual relationship.

Data processing of applicants

We process your personal data in principle either

  • for the implementation of pre-contractual measures (conclusion of a service contract, Art 6 para 1 lit b of the GDPR),
  • based on your express consent (Art 6 para 1 lit a GDPR), if we wish to keep you on record as an applicant, or
  • to fulfill our legal obligations (registration as an employee with the social insurance, Art 6 para 1 lit c GDPR).

The purpose of processing your data is to handle the application process and, if necessary, to register you with social security if we hire you. If you do not provide us with your data, we will not be able to process your application.

Collection of personal data from sources other than the data subject himself (Art 14 GDPR)

When we process your data, we generally obtain this data from you. Nevertheless, in individual cases, we may also obtain data from other sources. These other sources are exclusively publicly available information that we obtain from public registers, the Internet or, in individual cases, from credit reporting agencies. The data we obtain about you from third-party sources and store in our systems is limited to contact information (e-mail address and telephone number, postal address), as well as your function in the company for which you work. This processing is based on our legitimate interest in having a complete set of data about you that is necessary for professional communication and the handling of the business relationship, depending on our relationship with you or the company you work for (Art 6 para 1 lit f GDPR).

How long will your data be stored?

We will only store your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which we collected your data.

However, for reasons of tax law, we generally store contracts and other documents as well as related correspondence from contractual relationships for a period of ten years.

Due to statutory limitation periods and the resulting requirements for evidence, the storage period in connection with business relationships may also correspond to the respective statutory limitation period.

Your Rights?

We would also like to inform you that you have the right at any time,

  • to request information about which of your data is processed by us (see in detail Art 15 GDPR),
  • have the right to have your data corrected or deleted (see in detail Art 16 GDPR),
  • have the right to restrict the processing of your data (see in detail Art 18 GDPR),
  • have the right to object to data processing (see in detail Art 21 GDPR),
  • assert the right to data portability (see in detail Art 20 GDPR).

If we process your data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time by e-mail or by post to the addresses given below. This will not affect the lawfulness of the data processing that has taken place up to this point (Art 7 para 3 GDPR).

If, despite our commitment to process your data lawfully, there is contrary to expectation a breach of your right to lawful processing of your data, please contact us by post or email (see below for contact details) so that we can learn about and address your concerns. However, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Austrian Data Protection Authority or with any other data protection supervisory authority in the EU, in particular at your place of residence or place of work.

If you have any further questions about the processing of your data, please feel free to contact us directly.


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