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Planning a business event? We will set the stage for you. Streamdiver engage is the professional solution for innovative and exciting digital events. Whether it's for general meetings, celebrations, concerts, or product presentations - Streamdiver engage makes your events a guaranteed success.

Our livestreams can be bundled into an appealing, individual event frontend and are adjustable to any requirement. Our numerous event management tools ensure that event organizers are prepared for all possible situations. Furthermore, interactive features enable direct contact with your audience. In addition to live broadcasts, content can also be published via video-on-demand for playback at any time.

From a legal perspective, Streamdiver complies with the requirements of the GDPR without compromise. The underlying infrastructure has been carefully defined with the complex data protection requirements in the European area in mind. Our partners and customers are thereby the owners of their individual video data and enjoy the highest level of security. This guarantees that your event will only be remembered for what it stands for.


100% Data Protection

Streamdiver Content Delivery Network

The European Solution

Event and User Management

Log-In Access Restriction

Full Data Sovereignty


  • 1 Livestream MBR
  • Embedding & Streamdiver frontend
  • Public
from 350 / Event

One-time payment, limited period

  • 1 Livestream MBR
  • Embedding & custom frontend
  • Public & exclusive
from 590 / Event

One-time payment, limited period

  • All digital video options
  • Customized frontends & features
  • Public and exlusive
Upon request

Streaming for Professionals

Excite your customers now with data protection-compliant, professional streaming and offer your audience the digital stage of the next generation. We provide you with the right event package, at no hidden costs. Transform your Business Events today and request an appointment with one of our customer service representatives. Streamdiver makes event management  better, smarter and more professional.