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The Streamdiver Video Player is the essential product for business video streaming and combines modern and professional corporate communication with complete legal compliance.

Any content can be managed conveniently and securely in a flexible media library. Whether accessible to the public or protected by a log-in access restriction, autonomy is a cornerstone of Streamdiver play. Companies and organizations also benefit from full data sovereignty and are able to create their video content exactly the way they need it. We consider it our mission to provide a video player that complies 100% with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Corporate video management has never been easier.

Streamdiver's core infrastructure is operated exclusively in European data centers without any points of contact to US service providers. Streamdiver furthermore has its own content delivery network, privaCDN, which is optimized to ensure data protection and data security. Customizable to any web design, highly adaptable and easy to implement - all these features define our sustainable video-on-demand service, which is tailored to the individual needs of your company.

100% Data Protection

Streamdiver Content Delivery Network

The European Solution

Media Library Management

Full Data Sovereignty

Optimized Reach


  • Premium Multi Player
  • 25 hrs. of video (100 GB)
  • 500 hrs. playback
from 60 / month

plus €300 one time setup

  • Premium Multi Player
  • 250 hrs. of video (1 TB)
  • 5.000 hrs. playback
from 300 / month

plus €350 one time setup

  • Premium Multi Player
  • individual hrs. of video
  • individual playback
Upon request

Streaming for Professionals

Excite your audience now with privacy-compliant and professional streaming. Streamdiver play provides you with the ultimate video player. In addition, we offer exactly the right package for every company, at no hidden costs. Transform business video streaming today and request an appointment with one of our customer service representatives. Streamdiver makes video better, smarter, and more professional.