Google Fonts: Quo Vadis, Website Video?

In the second part of our story on the Google Fonts case, we take another look at the risks of US software and show what far-reaching effects the choice of video solution can have for companies and their users. … Read More

Google Fonts: When fonts start reading your text

Numerous website operators are currently confronted with warnings due to a violation of the GDPR. The basis for this is a decision by the Munich Regional Court, which declares the use of Google Fonts without the consent of users to be illegal. As a further consequence, the ruling also highlights glaring problems with the use of many video solutions. … Read More

Trust during a crisis: It’s time for the turnaround

Trust is essential in times of crisis. While companies often strive to present themselves as approachable and authentic, executives say it is becoming increasingly difficult to build and maintain customer confidence. However, key factors are frequently disregarded. … Read More

Via Zoom into the data protection dilemma

Recently, the Hamburg State Commissioner for Data Protection warned the public against the use of Zoom. The U.S. service provider for video conferencing clearly violates the European General Data Protection Regulation by transmitting personal data. … Read More