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The whole world of video in a single platform

Explore the power of video with Streamdiver, the browser-based software-as-a-service platform for live streaming, video-on-demand, and video conferencing. Just choose a product and bring some life to your business communications.

With Streamdiver Website Video , companies and organizations get a high-end website player at a fair price. Our premium multi player is adaptable to any web design and easy to integrate. In an individual media library, companies can upload and manage their digital content.

The Streamdiver Video API is the digital interface for any application. What used to require complex implementation can now be solved quickly and easily via copy & paste. This allows companies to get their platform moving themselves without having to put resources into developing a solution.

The world of Streamdiver Event Streaming opens new possibilities digitization of events. Thanks to reliable live streaming, all types of events can be held in complete safety. With Streamdiver Event Streaming, no stage is too big for companies.

The Video Manager from Streamdiver is streaming for digital learning and teaching. Livestreaming, video-on-demand, and video conferencing can help you deliver content more effectively than ever before. Streamdiver's provided toolset is easy to use and powerful.

Powerful Streaming

100% privacy compliant

Full data sovereignty

Quality EU product

Individually customizable

Easy use

Streaming for all cases

Streamdiver can do professional streaming, no matter what the application. Take a look at our demo to get yourself in motion.

Keep moving

Streamdiver Communal Video

Streamdiver Communal Video is the special product for citizen communication via video. Our service guarantees powerful video services and uncomplicated publication on platforms. Our video experts can also provide professional support in content design and planning.

With Streamdiver Communal Video, municipalities receive an adapted version of our product offering, including live streaming and an adapted pricing model. Streamdiver thus creates completely new spaces for direct and immediate communication with citizens. With kommunal, municipalities and associations have the opportunity to take the lead in digitization. Thanks to full legal compliance in accordance with the requirements of the DSGVO, Streamdiver forms the perfect carefree package for citizen communication via video. Streaming has never been easier.

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