The Streamdiver Products

The whole world of streaming in one platform.

Discover the world of Business Video Streaming with Streamdiver, the browser-based Software as a Service platform for live streaming, Video on Demand and video intelligence. Streamdiver enables companies and organisations to leverage the full potential of digital video powered by complete control and legal compliance. Our three product worlds are the starting point for any professional application of digital video.

With Streamdiver play, companies and organizations receive a high-end website player at a fair price. Our premium multi player is also adaptable to any web design, simple to customize and easy to implement. Companies are able to upload and manage their digital content in an organized media library. Streamdiver play is the carefree package for the professional use of Business Video Streaming on websites.

Streamdiver instruct is streaming tailored specifically for digital learning and teaching. With the help of live streaming, Video on Demand or video conferencing, content can be conveyed more effectively and, above all, more efficiently than ever before. Streamdiver's toolset is as easy to use as it is powerful. From webinars to employee onboarding - Streamdiver instruct makes Business Learning easier than ever.

The world of Streamdiver engage provides new opportunities for direct interaction with a digital audience. Powered by Streamdiver's reliable live streaming, available also in customized event frontends, business events of any size can be held completely digitally and securely. In addition to live broadcasts, content may also be published via Video on Demand for a time independent playback. For Streamdiver engage, there is no stage is too big.

High Performance Streaming

100% Data Protection

Full Data Sovereignty

Quality Made in Europe

Individually Customizable

Easy to Use

Streaming fit for all purposes

Streamdiver handles business video streaming, no matter the application. Get inspired right now and take a look at our list of possible uses for Streamdiver.

Streamdiver use-cases