Sustainable Streaming for Companies

The next generation of video

Video is at the center of social change. In particular, the climate impact that is increasing with data consumption shows why sustainable solutions are urgently needed. Streamdiver now focuses on the future: With our Green Stream initiative, we are committed to sustainable streaming that supports resource-efficient, competitive and fair digitization in Europe.


Compliance with clear criteria lays the foundation

Eco-friendly data centers

Only data centers that can demonstrate the use of energy from sustainable sources (green electricity) and energy-efficient hardware - which minimizes CO2 emissions - are used for the delivery and distribution of video.

Regional CDN

Video is delivered via an optimized content distribution network, with CDN nodes located in close proximity to the customer. This avoids unnecessary data transfers and the associated energy expenditure.

Focused Streaming

Every video can be optimized. Data transfer is made as efficient as possible with features such as clipping and AI indexing/findability of content.

Optimal Delivery

Adaptive streaming and the associated adjustment of the video bit rate to the requirements of the viewers ensure the best possible balance between quality and data consumption.

Efficient data processing

The data required when using video is processed exclusively for the purpose of streaming. There is no transfer for advertising and other evaluation purposes, as is often the case with a hyperscaler infrastructure, for example.

Sustainability begins with development

Behind every good solution is a strong team. As our joint contribution to meeting the Paris Climate Agreement and the two-degree target, we are taking the following steps in our local offices:

Save power

We deliberately use energy-efficient workplace PCs, office equipment, and lighting, heating, and cooling sources


We give refurbished hardware a second life and extend its usage cycle

Pedal to the metal

In addition to company cars, we offer our employees a fleet of bicycles for climate-neutral travel to and from work.

One step closer each day

The Green Stream initiative is not just a set of measures, but also a promise for the future. Our teams in Klagenfurt and Vienna are working every day to improve our climate protection measures. By constantly modernizing our infrastructure, we are also continuously minimizing our energy consumption and thus reducing our ecological footprint. To this end, we ensure more efficient energy use both at our server sites and in our offices.

Streamdiver supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The UN defines 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which represent an urgent call to action by all countries and industries as part of a global partnership. These goals are intended to help fight global poverty and reduce the negative effects of climate change.

Quality Education

Innovative AI research projects with educational institutions

Gender Equality

Fair pay, regardless of gender and ethnicity

Clean Energy

Efficient use of sustainable energy sources

Decent Work

Work on a promising project in an attractive region

Industry and Infrastructure

Strenghtening of Europe's digital autonomy

Climate Action

Delivering a climate-smart streaming alternative

Join us on our mission

Become part of the sustainable future of video.

Go Green