The Latest Features and Technologies

Streamdiver is simply the right stream for business and, as a software-as-a-service solution, delivers a comprehensive range of services and benefits for the professional use of digital video.

Ö-Cloud Streamdiver is the first streaming provider with the Ö-Cloud quality seal. Thereby, Streamdiver commits itself to comply with strict, transparent and international data security standards. According to the initiative Digital Austria, this includes in particular the compliance with the GDPR.

Data Protection: Security & Data Sovereignty

You are GDPR compliant and the owner of your video content.

Data Protection

Full compliance with European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Sovereignty

Rights to content remain with the customer without restriction.


No transfer of data to the USA or to US companies.


100% hosting in Austrian data center with ISO 27001 certification.


24/7 monitoring of the data center by CCTV and security personnel.

Access protection

Customer managed logins for backend and frontend.


All video content is encrypted during transmission.

High-tech: Technology & Intelligence

You have the latest smart technologies always at your fingertips.


Use of the latest protocols, formats and codecs.

Adaptive Stream

High-quality live and on-demand video for any bandwidth.

Video Player

Compatible, customizable adaptive streaming player based on HTML5.

Adaptive Bitrate

Flexible signal delivery (RTMP) with multi-bitrate live transcoding.

Low Latency

Low end-to-end latency with and without transcoding.


Easy recording capability across multiple devices.


Cross-device, browser-based web application.

Quality: Reliability & Durability

You constantly enjoy the maximum level of quality without restrictions.

Cloud Service

Software and infrastructure from a single mould.


Scalable and redundant connection as required.


Minimum connection for customer portals of 20 Gbit/s.


100% electricity from renewable energy sources.

VIX Access

Direct access to the largest Internet node in Austria.


Private direct connects to CDNs for globally optimized distribution.

All-in-one: Control & Flexibility

You get a large variety of possible applications.

On-Demand Video

Create, upload, encode and stream videos.

Live Streaming

High-performance live streaming at all times.

Video Conferencing

Secure and high-performance video conference rooms.

User management

Access control through self-managed rights and role system.


Specifically controllable playout of video content.


Multilingual user interface for backend and frontend.

Video Uploads

High-performance uploads optimized for desktop and mobile.


Own category management incl. access control.


Enhancement of videos with attachments, e.g. documents.


Use and management of comments.


Non-invasive clipping of videos even during recording.


Embedding in existing frontends or backends (e.g. single sign-on).


Convenient structuring and findability of content.


Easily share video content via embedding or linking.


Corporate design customization or white labeling.