Innovative Transcription of Meetings and Sessions

The Streamdiver Transcription Editor

The classic transcript has outlived its purpose: With the automatic, AI-supported transcription of Streamdiver, meetings can be summarized easily and effortlessly. Hours of typing are finally a relic of the past.

Manual Transcription

6h transcription/video hour

Automatic Transcription

10min transcription/video hour

Transcription with Streamdiver is just quicker. The browser-based editor software is concise, intuitive, and requires absolutely no technical know-how. Instead of overwhelming with a complex interface, it just provides precisely what your employee needs for a professional transcription of video. Through the smart use of state-of-the-art AI features, laborious workflows can be reduced to just a few clicks. This allows content to be saved and forwarded quickly and unaltered.

Transkription auf Laptop

One click for any transcript

One minute, one hour or the whole day? No matter how long the recording - you can have it transcribed with just one click. The result can then be saved, downloaded and used as a subtitle.

Transcription with Streamdiver at a glance

Self-writing protocol

AI-assisted transcription of von voice content

AI Speaker Allocation

Recognition/assignment of speaker voices via AI

Keyword search function

Easily browse the entire recording

Subtitle use

Automatically generated subtitles in the video


Simultaneous editing by multiple users

API interface

Integration of the software via API possible

Auto pausing

Stop playback during editing

Swift correction

Straightforward customization of text and video

Self-learning editor

Every correction makes the editor smarter

Ö-Cloud Streamdiver is a browser-based solution that can be used anytime, anywhere, easily and securely, without installation or special hardware requirements. The 100% GDPR-compliant Streamdiver Cloud guarantees full regulatory compliance. With Ö-Cloud Quality Seal.

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Editor Prozess

Automate your workflow

Save yourself unnecessary extra steps. Add the power of artificial intelligence to your transcription and make your employees' workflow even more efficient.

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