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Streamdiver provides simple and effective support for a wide range of possible use cases. The following list should help with orientation.

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Website Video

Play out videos on your website in a professional manner and guarantee your audience security and privacy.

Media Library

Store all your videos in a centralized, secure location and utilize streaming to broadcast them to the public.


Support your customers, employees and partners through digital video and help them with troubleshooting.


Enhance your teaching and learning efforts with digital video; the medium with the largest spectrum of information.

Virtual Event

Hold your public events in the digital space and share the experience through video on any device.

Live Streaming

Create a robust and dependable live broadcast for effective communication with your audience.


Achieve your goal-oriented team results with the help of the extensive applications of digital video.

Employer Branding

Present and strengthen your corporate brand via video to the general public and future employees.


Create your own video gallery for your products and services and easily engage with your audience.


Guide your viewers conveniently and safely through your program, using high-performance and high-quality streaming.

Town Hall

Host virtual town hall meetings to communicate with employees both effectively and reliably via video.


Interactively engage in a discussion with your audience and leverage all the advantages of professional video.


Expand number of attendees for your event with the extended reach of live or on demand video.

Video on Demand

Publish your videos for on-demand playback at any time and retain full control over your own content.


Efficiently train customers, employees and partners on any subject using live or pre-recorded video.


Effectively onboard new customers, employees, and partners via live and on-demand video streaming.

Public Relations

Take advantage of the versatility of digital video to conduct effective and authentic public relation activities.

Knowledge Archive

Create and manage your own digital knowledge repository to preserve and distribute information at your convenience.


Leverage the power of digital video to market your products directly to customers and stakeholders.


Convey information simply, quickly and, above all, sustainably via video to your target audience.


Benefit from video content to train and educate your employees on the subject of compliance.

Investor Relations

Strengthen the relationship and engagement with investors, analysts and financial media through video communication.


Entertain your audience digitally and provide them with the opportunity to experience content first-hand.

General Meeting

Hold meetings with shareholders in a secure environment as virtual or hybrid events, enabled by video technology.

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