One API - countless possibilities for Video

Streamdiver Video API

Video is at the heart of modern software - and it's never been easier: with the Streamdiver Video API, you get a powerful one-stop suite that you can copy and paste into your own code. Whether it's for one user or a million.

Benefit from many features

The Streamdiver Video API is the white-label solution for any application.

Direct Uploads

Upload videos easily and without hassle

Live & On-Demand

Benefit from the full potential of streaming

Pull-Based Inputs

Transfer your content from online sources

All Common Video Formats

No need to worry about compatibility


Trust in a secure server network


Use live streaming via RTMP protocol


Structure your videos with total flexibility


Evaluate video viewing data easily

User Access Settings

Manage your users and access rights

Don't believe anything you haven't seen for yourself

Take a peek at our detailed documentation:

More than a player

With the Streamdiver Video API, you can quickly and easily add video content to your software without having to know all that much about streaming technology. Streamdiver gives you the tools you need to get started right away.

GET /moving

POST /video - GET /professional

Streaming via Video API is a three-step process:

1. Receive access 2. Choose command 3. Rule Video
Ö-Cloud Streamdiver Video API Streamdiver is the fully secure solution for companies and organizations. All services are sustainably developed and operated in Austria. The 100% DSGVO compliant Streamdiver Cloud guarantees full regulatory compliance to this end. With Ö-Cloud Quality Seal.

Hello world of video

The Streamdiver Video API is the end-to-end solution for video: Streaming, encoding, storage, management, playout and much more. In addition, Streamdiver offers you individual consulting and comprehensive know-how on moving image content.

The simple solution for every use case

The Streamdiver Video API offers these areas of application:

Employee Apps

Make video-communication with employees more effective than ever before.


Power all your platforms with video from a single source.


Simplify teaching and learning by using video.


Invigorate your intranet by leveraging the targeted use of video.

Modern Events

Add value to your event interface with video.

Other Software

Get all your software in motion via video.

Streamdiver is a web-based solution that runs in the privacy-compliant Streamdiver Cloud.
It can be used anytime, anywhere, easily and securely, without installation or special hardware requirements.

One interface to rule Digital Video

Video Player
Media Center
OTT Platform

Strengths of the Streamdiver Video API

With Streamdiver Video API you get a carefree solution for your software. Looks simple? It is. Powerful streaming, GDPR compliance, full control and a wide range of features: Streamdiver does everything when it comes to video. The rest is up to you.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Contact us to get started directly with the Streamdiver Video API.

GET /api