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Knowledge unlocks new horizons. Streamdiver provides organizations with the keys to successful E-learning. After all, efficient knowledge transfer, as well as the training and further education of employees, are essential elements of effective corporate management. For this purpose, a complete digital solution that satisfies the demands of modern professional day-to-day operations is necessary. Furthermore, it must comply with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation without any compromise.

Streamdiver is the perfect video support for E-learning. With the help of innovative features, knowledge transfer is more efficient than ever. In addition, it is possible to provide participants with a comprehensive set of interaction options to encourage an active exchange. As a result, companies and organizations retain maximum control over their knowledge transfer.

Business learning of tomorrow: The Video Manager makes training and webinars more collaborative and productive than ever before.

100% Data Protection

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The European Solution

Full Control

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Full Data Sovereignty


  • 25 hrs. of video (100 GB)
  • 1 administrator
  • 100 named / 10 concurrent users
from 90 / month

plus €300 one-time setup

  • 250 hrs. of video (1 TB)
  • 5 administrators
  • 500 named / 100 concurrent users
from 450 / month

plus €350 one-time setup

  • Individual hrs. of video
  • Individual administrators
  • Individual named / concurrent users
Upon request

The Central Video Platform

Inspire your audience now with privacy-compliant and professional streaming. We offer exactly the right package for every company, at no hidden costs. Transform Business Learning today and request an appointment with one of our customer service representatives. Streamdiver makes digital knowledge sharing better, smarter and more professional.